Bella has been dancing since age 3, and Swing Dancing since 1995. She became a part of the WCS community in 2009 , quickly moved up the ranks thru Jack & Jills and enjoys traveling and competing on the national circuit in All Stars.

In her local dance community she is known for nurturing up & coming talent , creating a warm and welcoming environment for new dancers, sponsoring Juniors and creating the Swungover Monday’s brand .

What’s New?!

Jack & Jill Orama – Competing , JT Swingteams, Sway’d

Swingapalooza – Judging , Competing

Liberty Swing – competing

Phoenix 4th – Judging , Competing, Sway’d

US Open Swing Dance Championships!!

Can’t wait to share the floor with my fellow competitors!! I’ll be competing in Allstar Jack & Jill, Strictly Swing & Sophisticated!!

Tina Lin

Tina Lin

Dancer / JT Swing Team

Just leaving this out there because Bella Viramontes is seriously amazing... :D. Swungover Monday’s...if Bella is teaching a group class.... go to class + stay for the wine and late night social dancing :) getting kicked in the ass for an hour on footwork, drills, and technique was so much fun/ I swear every swing class needs at least a 15 minute footwork warm up <3. ...

some people have asked me why I LOVE Swungover Mondays and honestly......there's just so much to love it's pretty hard to just say there's one reason....Yes, joining JT Swing Teams definitely helped me, but Swungover Mondays is more than the JT Swing Team....

To me Swungover's a place where you can practice technique in a corner... (e.g. skater spins) and get cheered for... it's a place where critique is highly valued and's a place where sometimes the music is so random that you dance, experiment, and then the music just....subconsciously prepares you for's a place where spotlight jnjs become normal..........but most importantly.... it's a place where it doesn't matter what level you are.... people WANT you as a dancer to succeed and be amazing...and will give you the confidence and technique you need to get there...... :) ... yeah just late night thoughts but seriously people :D Bella is amazing and if you're not from LA and ever in town GO TO SWUNGOVER MONDAYS. Oh and do take her group classes or privates from her because she will whoop your ass somehow someway to become better :)

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